Sunday, September 21, 2008

To Continue

  Well, before starting off with the exhibition portion of this blog, I would like to introduce a side project that I've been thinking of for quite a while now.  Being (in addition to a lover of all things steampunk) something of a nerd, I have decided to create a subset of rules for the traditional Dungeons and Dragons RPG to make it easier to incorporate steampunk elements.

  I'm sure others have tried this before, and possibly with more success than I, but I have never been one to play nicely by another's rules :p.   Besides which, none of the game mods I have seen so far have ever gone quite so far into the technological advances that are generally typical of steampunk, and none have ever quite satisfied me in their handling of airships :)

  As the rules and modifications are added, they will be posted to this blog, and so the mod will take form piece by piece.  I'm hoping that by posting it in this way, it will give people (especially GM's and players) a chance to see it, and maybe give their opinions on balancing, and such.  If indeed it ever gets to the point where a complete mod can be made from it, I hope to post it as a .pdf, so that people can have it all at once :)  I will be testing it with some local players as well, and will hopefully be keeping the blog updated with the results of that, as well :)

That's all for now, but look forward to seeing some good links in the near future :)

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